North Orrington Grammar School, 1928

Names on the back of the photo:

Dagney Erickson, Virginia (?), ?Elmer (?), Phillip Wayman?, Ruth Haywood, Leslee (?), ?Clyde Baker, Evelyn? Harriman, Ella Leathers

Stella Wilson, Ellen Stuart, Louis Bowden, Marvin Hall, Norris (?), A(?) Cunningham, Billy Phillips

Olivia (?), Oved Lepoint, Jodie Foster, Bessie (?), Cl(?) Hyde(?), Clayton, Pauline Smith, Frank Leathers, Granden(?) Gray, Willard (?)

Mary Cunningham, Virginia Jones, Dorothy – Dora Wade, Willard Hall, Ruth Rideout, Colin(?) Rice, Birdie McQueen(?), Richard Emery, John (?)

If you recognize any of these names and would like to submit a correction, please comment below or email 


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2 Responses to North Orrington Grammar School, 1928

  1. Wallace Hinckley

    I have asked my cousin, Madeliene Barstow of Buzzards Bay MA to inspect the 1928 picture. She says she was a freshman at Brewer High School. She was glad to see names she remembers. Dagney Ericson was her teacher. I see Barstows burried in Marston Cemetery and Miss Ericson buried near Billy Philips. I graduated NOGS in 1953, Dorathy Carey teacher. Madeliene Barstow lived on the Orrington side of Roosevelt Ave facing River Rd. She was born October 31, 1913, now 107 years old. I say that you can’t be more of a Brewer Witch than that.