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  1. Lori garcia

    Hi Judith, this is all I can find. Did you have more information about Mary Morse…kids? Working on getting more information about the pastor at FUMC. Carol Hardin knows so much, you really should talk to her…town clerk for so many years and church member forever. Lori

    NAME: Andrew D Hall
    GENDER: Male
    AGE: 50
    BIRTH DATE: abt 1814
    DEATH DATE: 27 Sep 1864
    DEATH PLACE: In Hospital (VA)
    REGISTRATION PLACE: Brewer, Penobscot
    FATHER: Tilda
    MOTHER: Eunice
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  2. Thank you for the information on Andrew D. Hall. We know that Andrew D. and his wife Mary A. Morse b.? d. 16 Feb 1883 had a daughter named Alice Angelia Hall married to Capt. Samuel H. Barbour who owned the Barbour Boat Yard in Brewer that built steamships in the late 1800s. Alice Margaret (Barbour) Wiswell, Alice A. and Capt. Samuel H.’s youngest daughter and child was Henry Wiswell’s grandmother. Henry is presenting a two-hour PowerPoint on the Barbour family for Senior College, and we want to show Henry’s Mayflower lineage. He has the names back to Francis Cooke (Mayflower) and wife Hester Mahieu and Stephen Hopkins (Mayflower) and wife Elizabeth Fisher with missing dates, but we hope that research at the Bangor Public Library will help.

    • Bill Green


      Could you give me a call regarding the Orrington Pound? I’m planning to film a piece for Bill Green’s Maine there next Wednesday afternoon. I’m at 207-807-7666

      Thanks, Bill

      • Judith Frost Gillis

        I am sorry that I didn’t see this sooner, but all’s well that ends well! Thank you for featuring the Orrington Town Pound. It was an interesting program because we learned from the other presenter.

  3. Judy Pineau

    I’m hoping you can help me. I’m doing ancestry on my mother’s family of whom we know very, very little about. Josiah D. Hinds (who was the constable according to the annual reports, at least from 1884 – 1887) was my great-grandfather and his wife, Lizzie E. Hinds was the postmaster I believe in 1903 or 04. Their daughter, my grandmother, was Blanche W. Hinds. I have found a newspaper article dated 1903 in the Boston Globe about Blanche W. Hinds as the telegrapher at the state house in Augusta at 17 yrs. old. With the article was a picture of her. I was hoping someone in Orrington might have more information or maybe photos of any of this family that I may add to my information. I have the death record of Josiah that says he was buried in Pine Hills Cemetery. Unfortunately, living in Fla., I’m a little too far away to physically go to Orrington. Thank you for hearing me.

  4. John Bennett

    please add me to your e-mail address, thank you

  5. Donna Lathrop

    Honoring of service members on Veterans’ Day:
    Herbert Roode, WWII, Army Aircorp; Donald Holyoke, WWII, Army; James Coldwell, WWII, Air Force and Army, and Korea.

  6. Bill Sawyer

    Enjoy reading the articles & looking at the pictures. I am looking for information about a Harold Hall family who lived-in South Orrington on the Swetts Pond road back in the 1940s. Thanks Bill Sawyer

  7. Patricia Kelly LaVoy

    I have some pictures that I would like o donate to the historical society.
    Olive Billington Smith Pierce
    Susan Maria Pierce (2)
    Nathaniel Pierce’s Home in Orrington (Original-date?)
    Pictures of that home taken by Susan Trask in the 1930’s- the grand daughter of Susan Pierce
    Smokehouse and well on the Pierce Property
    School House at Pierce’s Crossing
    Dean Hill Cemetary plots of Nathaniel and Ruth Pierce
    Please let me know where I can send these to you. I have no one interested in having them and I thought you might want them for your collection,
    Thank you,
    Patricia Kelly LaVoy

    • OrringtonHS

      You bet the Orrington Historical Society would like your family treasures! The Pierce family had a strong presence in Orrington’s past. The society has a genealogist who will start building a Pierce family tree because eventually we will either create a three-sided display board and/or we would create a PowerPoint presentation for a meeting program depending on what OHS has for information. Thank you for sharing! My address is Judith Frost Gillis, President Orrington Historical Society, 103 Johnson Mill Road, Orrington, ME 04474. We will reimburse you for your expenses. The photographs you listed sound intriguing!

  8. i really enjoyed this and wish you had more photos of my era.
    I graduated in 1943 at Blanche K. Blake school, Brewer HS in
    1947 and worked in the Bangor area from Jan. 1947 for up to
    1980’s when I moved to Edmonds, Wa. I have photos of the
    Orrington area mostly I could send you duplicates of if you wish.

    • Judith Frost Gillis

      I am sorry to say, but I am just seeing your posting. If you could send duplicates of Orrington photos, we would appreciate it! We would scan them to add to our digital photo archives or someone could scan them to email them to the Orrington Historical Society at
      Orrington Historical Society, PO Box 94, Orrington, ME 04474

      If you use Facebook, the Orrington Historical Society and the Bangor Historical Society has active pages where you could view photographs and documents.

  9. paul bunyon

    re Leonard B. Smith- I found both his wives and daughter Emma in lot 09-30 Oak Hill cemetery in Brewer and his son Arthur B.Smith and his family
    lot 10-715 also there. I have digital photos, can I send them for the facebook page? do you have the book by Dr J. Hartog about Leonard’s life, US Consul in 19th Century Curacao? (published 1971) Brewer Historical Society one copy, has some early photos (B&W) says he born in house that became 88 Swetts Pond Rd. my eMAIL DOROTHEADIX@GMAIL.COM aka Paul Bunyon the facebook eamil ( facebook921 ) below does not

  10. Bill Barnsley

    Good morning,

    I have unsourced/unconfirmed information that Bryant (Briant?) Bradley drowned in Castine Harbor, 18 October 1803. I believe that he lived in Orrington at the time, and his son, William Hooper Bradley, appears to have been born in 1802 in Brewer.

    Is there any record of this drowning and if the body was recovered, and if so, where Bryant was buried? Actually, anything at all about this family would be marvelous. I believe that Bryant’s brothers Levi and/or Samuel Bradley also lived with him in the Orrington area. Thank you so much!

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