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Dean Hill Cemetery Well Pump Donations

The Dean Hill Cemetery well pump is working again, thanks to Ronnie Hanscom of Hanscom Well Drilling in Orrington. Dean Hill is actively managed by an association, which is looking ahead to a more permanent pump solution – a new pump which will last “forever” and won’t need to be removed for winter. DHCA is asking for donations of any amount. Will you help?5-2016 Dean Hill Cemetery vintage pump

Treasurer, Dean Hill Cemetery Ass’n
69 Bald Head Reach
Orrington, ME 04474

The DHCA is also looking for addresses, either mail or email, of people whose ancestors are buried at Dean Hill.

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Orrington History Resources

  • Bibles, family
  • Brewer-Orrington-Holden-Eddington, History and Families by Mildred Thayer and Families/Mrs. Edward W. Ames
  • Census and Cemetery Records of Orrington, Penobscot County, Maine 1790-1900 compiled by David L. Swett
  • Church records, Methodist and Congregational Churches
  • Comstock and Cline Atlas, Penobscot County, Maine 1875 and other maps
  • Family That Built the Barn by Russell Cox, content on the Wiswell family
  • Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert Goodale/Goodell of Salem, Mass. by George Williams, p. 1984
  • History of Orrington, Maine by H. Russell Cox and David L. Swett C. 1988
  • History of Penobscot County, Maine Illustrations and Biographical Sketches 1882
  • Interview Henry G. Wiswell, Orrington, Maine
  • Maine Historical Magazine 1890  Bangor Public Library and Maine State Library
  • Memories of Maine Magazine:
  • Maine State Documents, type Orrington in search bar, digitized records
  • Newspapers, Bangor Commercial or (Bangor Daily Commercial) 1872-1949 and Bangor Daily News
  • Orrington Historical Society website with Links to Local Resources and to Facebook (account not needed)
  • Penobscot County Probate Records in Bangor, Maine
  • Penobscot County Registrar of Deeds in Bangor, Maine
  • Orrington Penobscot County, Maine from the Wiswell Journals and Account Books 1787-1866, Vol. 7 David Swett
  • Records of Orrington, Maine compiled by David Livingstone Swett Bangor Public Library
  • Roots of a Family, Life in Rural Maine by Gail Anne Rowe c, 2012 Content on the Glidden and McGinley families
  • SAILING DAYS ON THE PENOBSCOT: The Story of the River and the Bay in the Old Days by George S. Wasson
  • Town Register Bucksport, Orland, Orrington, and Verona 1907 by Harry Edward Mitchell

  • Town Reports, 80 years available online
  • Town Reports of Orrington Maine –

  • Vital Records of Orrington, Penobscot County, Maine prior to 1892 / compiled by David Livingstone Swett

Suggestions welcome!

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Orrington Waterways

Edited work by Lois-Ann Holmes, formerly of South Orrington, April 2011.

Clark Falls on Johnson Mill Road, Orrington, Maine

The Clark Falls location is documented back to 1839, when a member of the Freeman family built a flour mill at this site. This mill did not prove successful.

In 1850, Vinal Cooper took over this mill site and operated what was probably the first paper mill in the area. The mill made paper from rags, not wood pulp. Rag paper is superior but cannot be produced in large quantities. The mill was still operating in 1860.

Sometime after that date, the paper mill burned. Vinal Cooper replaced the mill with a shingle mill which the Johnson Brothers took over after 1880 and converted to sawing barrel headers. They also added a gristmill and cider mill to the operation.

The 1900s arrived with automobiles and electricity; there was a decline of industry in town. As of the 1920s, there seems to be no findable record of this mill. There also seems to be no record of the destruction of the buildings which must have been on this site.

The site has plenty of remnants of the old mill with some concrete footings, stone foundation remnants, etc.

For a video of Clark Falls, see the OHS Facebook page.

Walin’tuk Creek from Swetts Pond to the Penobscot River, Orrington, Maine

Another waterway connected to Clark Falls spills into the Penboscot River at the boat landing in South Orrington.  It is Walin’tuk Creek.  Located in a historic area of Orrington, the name of this creek is now Mill Creek. If one looks upstream, visible are the footings where an old mill used to rest.

If you were to follow that stream back from the Penobscot to its origin, you would be at Swetts Pond by the dam.  From Swetts Pond the stream meanders down along Dow Road, crosses under the road, crosses below the dead end of Stump Lane, coming down along Clarks Falls Road, going under Johnson Mill Road, over the Clark Falls, meandering some more along Johnson Mill Road, and crossing under Rt. 15 by the railroad tracks near Quarry Road on its way to the Penobscot.  In fact, were the concrete and earthen Swetts Pond Dam to breech, this is the flood plain it would affect as has happened twice due to beaver.

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