The Orrington Historical Society is a non-profit organization located in Maine and dedicated to collecting and archiving documents, records, and photos from the past. The OHS also interviews residents of Orrington to discover and share their personal stories.

If you have historical photos or documents related to the town of Orrington that you think would be of interest to us, send an email to info@orringtonhistoricalsociety.com. You can also post on our Facebook page or leave a comment on our website.


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Tonight at 7 pm, the Bucksport town council discusses Wilson Hall’s future. Issue: Does Bucksport spend town money along with grants and donations..

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Photos from Orrington Historical Society's post

The Bucksport Town Council meeting is not tonight; it is Thursday night at 7 pm. There will be a discussion on WILSON HALL. If you live locally,..

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1972 Community Cookbook Sponsored by Orrington Rainbow Girls

Did you “trade” with these Orrington businesses? Please post memories applicable to that page of advertisements. What is your memory of Geraldine..

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I NEED A MODERN PHOTO OF CALVARY CHAPEL LOCATED IN THE FORMER NORTH ORRINGTON SCHOOL. Does someone have one or would you be able to take a photo..

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OHS has a query as to the date of this Orrington Constable patch and any information on Orrington using constables. Posted by Judith

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