The Orrington Historical Society is a non-profit organization located in Maine and dedicated to collecting and archiving documents, records, and photos from the past. The OHS also interviews residents of Orrington to discover and share their personal stories.

If you have historical photos or documents related to the town of Orrington that you think would be of interest to us, send an email to info@orringtonhistoricalsociety.com. You can also post on our Facebook page or leave a comment on our website.


What’s new on our Facebook page:

I am not available to volunteer tomorrow afternoon due to a son flying in from Portland, Oregon. When three of us decided that Monday afternoons..

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Sometimes I interrupt Henry’s work. He was trying to complete a greenhouse order on the spreadsheet, but a line kept deleting. Henry was grateful..

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The Perkins Family Donates Stamp and Stock Certificate

This is why we cross-file the Orrington Historical Society digital images. The Perkins family donated a box of family memorabilia, which included..

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Grange Volunteer Day, Not As Planned Due to Weather!

Not a single thing we planned got done, but that is how life goes. Wait a minute, Pat vacuumed and swept the floors but as far as book work goes,..

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Volunteers will work tomorrow afternoon from 1 to 3. Patricia is cleaning the hall, and Dottie is making a spreadsheet of Grange members, an..

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